Friday, October 21, 2011


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The current issue of regional arts monthly Chronogram contains my review of the excellent Fathermucker, a novel penned by New Paltz resident Greg Olear. It was an interesting assignment, as the main character in Fathermucker is a stay-at-home dad, which was my gig for my son's formative years. Greg nailed so much of the experience it felt like he'd been reading my mail. Here's an excerpt:

“Almost everyone knows a stay-at-home dad—or SAHD, as Josh says. What most of you don’t know, and what Olear provides, is the passionate, devilish inner monologue often at odds with a SAHD’s (mostly) responsible exterior. Their friends view Josh and Stacy as a “great couple,” but inside, Josh is a piece of work; even before he tortures himself with screenplay versions of his wife’s infidelity—schadenfreude at its best—he’s just this side of a car crash. His frequently hilarious, insecurity-and-id-fueled conscience is stoked and soothed by hyperconnectivity to pop culture; tormented by tabloid titillation, calmed by Tom Petty, rankled by Facebook, saved by Noggin. Most men who care for kids don’t want you to know this stuff, but Josh’s frankness strikes a refreshing, power chord of truth. His little rebellions against the crunchy hipster class of New Paltz are deeply satisfying to anyone ever frowned upon for a substandard car seat.”

Read the whole thing HERE

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